Thursday, November 29, 2007


This is the beginning of the tales and adventures of "Little's Creatures" a newly formed puppet company.  

In the last several months since I took the plunge into making my own puppets a lot has happened.  First off I have been making puppets (lots and lots).  I have been learning tons of the info that is required to start a buisness such as websites, contacts, buisness cards, etc... . Performing with puppets takes a lot of practice to make it believable; not an overnight task at all. But, it sure is fun practicing.  I have also got some friends to assist me with my dream, one of those being my friend Stephen who has been bringing a lot to the table, from technical advice to comedy. My brother has also begun to help when he can.  

I thought at first that puppetry would be this secret thing that nobody would know about.  But, it is exactly the opposite.  We have been getting tons of recognition which is great but to keep up with the popularity is a lot of work.  

So, that takes me to this blog I thought it could be fun to keep everyone up to date with the day to day stuff that it takes to start something like this.  So, I hope everyone learns from my mistakes and benefits from my successes.