Sunday, March 16, 2008

Puppet Slam

Hey Everyone,

Last night we performed in another puppet slam at the Brookline Puppet Showplace Theater. 

I love adult puppet slams it is a great opportunity for us to see other puppet performers as well as a chance to see puppeteers who usually only perform for kids and see their adult humor.

Here is a brief review of last night.

The show opened up with The Newport Cultural Enrichment Committee Showcase.  Performed by Margaret Moody,  Maggie Whalen, And Sparky Davis.  This was a very humorous piece with a great sense of humor in regards to censorship and Politically correctness.  

Sparky then performed a solo piece titled The Foolish Man.   A very comical tale of a little foolish man looking for riches but not aware of the riches under his nose.

Paul Vincent Davis performed Waltz Joke.  This was an amazing piece from Paul. He performed this piece of a ballerina dancing.  Paul's manipulation of the dancer was wonderful and very delightful and he had a great twist at the end of the piece. 

Kathleen Conroy Mukwashi doubled as both host and performer doing an excellent job on both she performed a  piece titled Untouchable.  She used shadow puppets to tell this emotional story of a person infected with aids.  She used many great effects to allow the viewer in a world of dreams and reality.

After  the intermission Puppet Master Jake started off the second half of the show with A Feminine Retelling of Judy Strikes Back.  This was a great contemporary twist on a Punch and Judy show Including a Devil, Alterna Girl, Punch and Judy, and one character who is too racy to mention here.

We then followed Jake with Mogre performing our version of the story of Cinderella.  We also were part of the peanut gallery assisting Kathleen with her host duties.  Prinderella went well and we got people laughing which we always strive to do. 

Margaret Moody performed her piece titled turning 50 which was a great little story talking about giving her puppets some exercise

The show closed out with Maggie Whalen with an excerpt from the Emperors New Clothes.  This was a fun piece with lots of audience participation. 

All in all it was a very successful night of puppetry to a sold out crowd the next show will be May 10th at 8pm hopefully we will see you at the next one.  Remember to buy your tickets early.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Crazy over here

Hello everyone,

It has been a little crazy for us.

Number one I got engaged so it has been crazy planning a wedding.

Number two we have been developing some new stuff with the puppets. You can now order puppets with blinking eyes, posable finger, or both.

Number three we are working on several production type things.

In any case we will hopefully be posting more regularly again.