Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Audrey II #3 and Audrey II #2

These are for sale!!!

If you would like these puppets for your production of Little Shop of Horrors. I'm willing to sell them for the cost of materials. You also need to be in the Boston area or be willing to drive here.

$200 for the Audrey II #3 (this is the large one)
for an extra $150 you can buy Audrey II #2 (fake arm illusion) But, only if you take the #3.

Audrey II #3. Comes in 3 pieces
root legs(pants)
Plastic planter Pot(performer sits on it)
The pod(performer works from inside)
The puppet also has a puppeteerable tongue

You can see another photo of the Audrey II #2 here. The arm closest to the camera is fake!

Audrey II #2 Comes in 2 pieces
Plant, pot, and jcket are all one piece.
2nd piece of the illusion is the glove for the left hand. This makes both hands look the same.


Anonymous said...

Who do I contact about purchase?

Jonathan said...

IF you would like to purchase the puppets email me at jon(at) or jonathanrlittle(at)