Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Chewbacca Puppet

Hey Everybody, Just finished building this puppet and thought you would all enjoy seeing it. I will try and shoot some video of him soon. Until then, enjoy the photos and please feel free to share to your friends. I would love to see some comments as well. Baby Chewbacca Baby Chewbacca Baby Chewbacca


Cristina Serrano Fernández said...

Oh my god!! really like him! I'm a huge fan of star wars and puppets, and I've enjoyed yours a lot! I've made a puppet of darth Maul.. this one is awesome!! congratulations.. sorry for my poor english, I'm from Spain!!

Cristina de Puppetilandia

Jeff Lafferty said...

LOL, that's great!


K8tyDavies said...

This is amazing.. Love it, he's so cute..