Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Avenue Q and Rick Lyon

On Sunday Stephen and Myself got to attend an amazing lecture with the people who made Avenue Q. There was lots of great information throughout the lecture talking about the process and how happy they are that it has so much popularity. I always love stories of determination, that is what Avenue Q is they kept plugging their idea and kept pushing till the did it right. The true gem though was hearing all the stuff about the puppets. Rick spoke about the design process, his goals with the characters, color schemes, the different styles of puppeteering, etc..
It was also amazing to see him put on some of the puppets and bring them to life. Rick if you don't know also worked on Sesame Street for 15 years, built and performed puppets for Crank Yankers, as well as building and performing puppets for a tony award winning Broadway show.

After the lecture a truly amazing thing happened we had the opportunity to meet Rick Lyon and have a little conversation with him one on one. It was awesome he was really nice and gave us a lot of encouragement about what we are doing. He stressed that we should perform any time we get the chance whether it be for free, $5, or whatever. He also told us it is not about who you know its who knows you. This was an amazing conversation and experience for me. I'm sure I will be floating on cloud nine for a while because of this experience.