Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Performance review of slams

We had yet another busy weekend doing some live performances. Friday we went down to the Perishable Theater and performed Prinderella for everyone. But, were really happy to see all the other performers. We saw an amazing dancing peacock by Carole Simms D'agostino. Two performances by Sarah Frechette's marionettes, Seamos(who looked a lot like Evan O' Television) Emmy and Kirk performed War bride for everyone, and an amazing video piece as well.

Saturday we went to the Brookline Puppet Showplace for yet another amazing night of puppetry. We performed The Puppet Duel and everyone truly enjoyed it. We also loved seeing everyone's performances. Evan was there as well do his piece on the writers strike. Sarah performed with wally and Did an amazing shadow piece titled haunted projectile with the carrionettes. Paul Vincent Davis did his piece Battle of the Sexes. Julio Robles performed with his puppet Freddy. Puppet Jake was there with a wild tale about alternagirl. Dan Butterworth performed his new shadow piece. Z and Chad did there great toy theater puppet show about the history of jello. Emmy and Kirk performed once again as well as Carole's dancing peacock. There was so much to take in what a night. The place was sold out and everyone got one hell of a show for there buck. Next puppet slam is in March stay tuned for more info.