Monday, January 14, 2008

Busy and productive weekend

Stephen and myself were very busy this weekend. We worked very hard on making puppets this weekend and I'm very pleased with all the puppets we made.

Stephen installed and setup our puppet piece at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. It Looks great and will be on display till the end of the month.

We also attended our Boston Area Guild of Puppetry meeting or otherwise known as BAGOP on Sunday it was nice. The discussion was on quick and easy stages. Some of the highlights were Paul's hat stage, shadow box carry case, and a really cool toy theater with a 3-d cutout scenery. There was a show and tell section with some beautiful puppets, we showed off our very own Mogre the Ogre. There was some discussion of the day of puppetry coming up and the regional festival at maryland. I guess all the info on that is at or so we were told over and over again.

Coming up very Soon BFaT at Providence Jan 18th 10 pm, Brookline puppet slam Jan 19th 8pm, and the kids expo in Worcester.